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  • grandcascapediaatlanticsalmonfishing

    Video: Grand Cascapedia Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing 2016

    Last year, I made my annual trip north to the Grand Cascapedia to chase Atlantic salmon. This year, I brought a drone and captured some video that demonstrates just how beautiful this place truly is. Hope you enjoy!

  • striped bass boston harbor fly fishing

    Article in The Drake About Boston Harbor

    If you’re a regular reader of The Drake, you may have seen my articles over the past few years, where I’ve been fortunate to become a regular contributor. In this winter issue, I have a piece on a subject close to my heart: fly fishing for striped bass in Boston harbor.

  • How to Make a Wooden Canoe Paddle: Learning a Family Pastime

    Ben Brunt walks you through how to make a wooden canoe paddle at home.

  • howardfilmsrunningthecoast-newenglandflyfishing5

    Howard Films “Running the Coast”

    Their film Running the Coast is, according to their press statement, “the first documentary film series to follow the striped bass migration, and the anglers that follow in its wake.” The film does precisely this: over 2 hours and forty-four minutes it follows striped bass along the Eastern seaboard, and features some of the most recognizable names in the sport.

  • marlboroughflyfishingshow-newenglandflyfishing

    Marlborough Fly Fishing Show 2017

    The Marlborough Fly Fishing Show is coming up in a few weeks. You can find all the information about tickets, speakers, and more here.

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    Six New Years Resolutions for Fly Fishermen

    Eat less. Drink less. Spend less. Another year, another set of New Years resolutions you may — or may not — keep. Instead of a set of fun-numbing resolutions to do less, why don’t you commit to a set of resolutions to do more? And to do more fly fishing?