New England Spey Clave II Update: Vendors, Demos & Tyers

In my last post about the New England Spey Clave II, I promised more updates when more information became available. Today’s the day when a list of vendors, demos, and fly tyers was released. All told, it looks like it’s going to be a great event. See below, or see my old post on this topic for more.

Casting Demos:

Michael Mauri: The Joy of Fly Casting

Andrew Moy: Tight Lines Fly Fishing Parsippany, NJ

Manufacturers Reps:
Hardy & Greys Limited
Thomas & Thomas
Beulah Fly Rods
Airflow Fly Lines
Echo Fly Rods
Scott Fly Rods
Ross Fly Rods
Winston Rods
Scientific Anglers Fly Lines

Fly Tyers who will be present:

Rich Strolis: Over-sized streamers for BIG trout. 

Steve Culton: Striper and steelhead flies.

Rich Murphy: Author of Fly Fishing For Striped Bass.

Location & Date:

May 11, 2013
American Legion and People’s State Forest, Matthies Grove on the Farmington River, Barkhamsted, CT.

(Source: The Fly Fishing Forum)

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