Tying Night With The Fly Pack & Presenting the Fly



It’s said that over half of relationships start online these days. But I don’t think those statistics include fly tying friends. And yet — that’s how tonight started.

I originally found out Cory through his awesome subscription fly  business, The Fly Pack. And I originally  saw the blog, Presenting the Fly, before I met Ben and Taylor. Tonight, it all came together in person.

We met at my house for a night of fly tying. We had some great conversation, and tied some nice flies. Cory is off to Jamaica soon, and so was tying flies for his trip. Taylor and Ben are off on a three day fishing trip in Western Mass this weekend. Check their site for photos from that trip soon.

I always love tying in groups: I always learn something (about both tying and fishing), the camaraderie is strong, and the jokes frequent, if not strong.

We’re talking about organizing a tying night open to the public, along the lines of a Iron Fly night. Stay tuned!



A surf candy, and the requisite accessories, from tonight’s tying group.









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2 thoughts on “Tying Night With The Fly Pack & Presenting the Fly

  1. Ben, Taylor and I had a blast and can’t wait for the next night of tying. Our trip to the Swift River in Western MA produced some fish but the weather not too enjoyable! You know what they say, a bad day on the water beats a good day doing anything else!

    • Glad to hear you caught some fish! Very jealous — though it did look pretty nasty out there! Best, Ben

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