Pops’s Bamboo Rod Shop at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum

As I’ve written about before on this site, my dad’s bamboo rod building workshop has long been bound for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum. That day finally came, and the long room in the back of our garage is now empty. The Museum, however, is now the fortunate recipient of the collection that comprises a lot of tools originally used by Everett Garrison, and then by my dad.

See below for two photos of my dad at the Museum, from the the rod arrived and he helped them organize and set it up. I’ll share more photos and video of the shop soon.





And here’s a screenshot of me shooting video of Pops in his old rod shop. I hope to edit and release the video by Christmas 2014. Stay tuned!


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9 thoughts on “Pops’s Bamboo Rod Shop at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum

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  6. Ben, yer dad is a Cool guy. I’ve had correspondence with him since ….Oh god,…the 80’s I guess. He’s a class act. He’s helped me out w a number of minor projects eu de rod over the years…

  7. Hello Gavin,
    A very important video you have done. I am an old guy. Grew up with your granddads music and it is still very imortant to listen to in my family. Started fly fishing about 15 years old in 1955 with a bamboo rod. Several years later I found your dads book and started bamboo rod building just 7 years ago. Found your dads mailing address and sent him a letter with many thanks for written it and got a wonderful letter back, together with Hoagys music tapes!!! That letter is a treasure for me!
    The Garrison-Carmichael book and your dads positive attitude to his followers has been tremendous important to bamboo rod building all over the world. I can compare the happines your granddad gave to people with his music during his life time, with the happines your dad has given to us bamboo builders during his life time and will do so in the future.
    I really hope Hoagy B. feels the warmt we often gives him in our thoghts when we are bent over the working table planing bamboo.
    In a week or so, We are going out for flyfishing in a few days first time this year, with two of my own bamboo rods, one for me and one for my wife. The spring is just here.
    Give Hoagy B. a hug from Sweden!
    Yours, Andy

    • Andy: Thanks for writing such a nice note. Glad to hear of the connection with my dad and grand dad. Send a photo of fish from Sweden! Best, Ben

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