Photos: Fly Tying Through the Cold

Last night, as the mercury plunged, a few friends gathered to tie flies in a subterranean Boston restaurant. It was a great antidote to the bitter cold outside: jokes were told, patterns debated, and the jerk chicken was much, much hotter than people remembered.

The flies varied: one person was tying size 24 on a Law vice, another was working on replicating Gurglers off of a box of Gartside tied flies, while another worked away on Atlantic salmon tube flies. One person vouched for the effectiveness of the two wing sculpin pattern over the three wing pattern. Another tied frog patterns to send to a customer.

Here are some photos from the night. Thanks to Ben Brunt for sharing them, and even for letting me touch his Nikon, and to Silvertone for letting us use their space.

flytyingnewengland (2 of 12)

“It was thiiiis big!” Will Harden, of the Branstable┬ástory in this recent issue of The Drake.

flytyingnewengland (12 of 12)

Working on a Gartside Gurgler.

flytyingnewengland (11 of 12)

Tying a salmon fly on a Partridge gold double.

flytyingnewengland (10 of 12)

The alleged brook trout killer.

flytyingnewengland (9 of 12)

Working on a size #24.

flytyingnewengland (8 of 12)

Putting together a nymph.

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The photographer at the vice.

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Cory Merrill of The Fly Pack.

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One of the fishiest guys I know.

flytyingnewenglandsalmonfly (1 of 1)

An Atlantic salmon fly.


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