Article in The Drake: Hooké Vibes

I’m pleased to have another article of mine out in The Drake magazine. After my piece this fall about striped bass and Atlantic Salmon on the Gaspé in The Drake, this piece also relates to Atlantic salmon in that it’s a short profile about Hooké — a tribe of fly fishermen based in eastern Canada whose videos have taken that country, and many fly fisherman, by storm. They’ve got a great blend of incredibly high end production, solid positive energy, and good music. These guys are doing some great stuff, and are super nice guys. I’ve spoken with and met a few of them, and can’t speak highly enough of them. They’re introducing a lot of young people to a sport in need of young blood, and creating a fun, healthy sub-culture around fly fishing — and, honestly, about simply getting outside — in Canada that is remarkable. If you’ve been under a rock for long enough to not know their work, I suggest you get thee to their website:

Stay tuned for more articles coming out this winter and spring — and thanks to Tom Bie of The Drake, a talented editor who’s great to work with.


These guys are stoked, and with good reason. Courtesy of Hooké.




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