Gear & Beer Episode 1: Fishpond Thunderhead Sling & Maine Beer Company Lunch

Fishing gear and good New England microbrew beer? These are two of my favorite things.

And so, we decided to create a new video series called — you guessed it — “Gear & Beer.” With each episode we will review a new piece of fishing equipment and pair it with one of our favorite beers.

For the first episode we reviewed Fishpond’s Thunderhead sling pack (full in-depth review coming this week). We paired it with Maine Beer Company’s Lunch, simply one of the best beers made in New England, in my opinion. We were lucky enough to get a keg of it recently, and have been drinking it at the beach house.

In the review you’ll see a new face: that’s my dad, Andy Sparks, a big fisherman in his own right. He lives on the beach in southern Maine, and can be often found chasing stripers. He’ll be joining me on a bunch of these reviews.

Enjoy the video, and let me know what you think of the new series!


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2 thoughts on “Gear & Beer Episode 1: Fishpond Thunderhead Sling & Maine Beer Company Lunch

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  2. Great idea, nice mood, soundtrack, eye contact and user scenes from the actual beach! (I would like to have seen Andy up to his neck though, with the pack floating behind him- it can be used as a PFD?!) Consider more video of the item being put to use. I also would recommend drinking more before the video begins to liven things up. If you need a film director, let me know, as long as you pay in beer and gear.
    More beer discussion! Tell us about the flavor, color, bouquet, buzz score and other unique attributes!
    Also are the products made in the USA from Fishpond?
    Your text-based critique mades one good points about the exterior shell of the slongpack not being intuitive as to why they have gussets/gear straps located where they are. I don’t think you reinforced this on the video. Nice job.I’ll definitely watch the series.

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