Fish School: How to Fly Fish for False Albacore in New England, Gear Edition

We’re excited to announce a new instructional video series called — drumroll please! — “Fish School”. (See what we did there?!)

The idea is this: we will publish videos with our thoughts on how to approach different species, situations, or locations, or even how to repair or build your own gear. And while the focus will remain on fly fishing, there will be videos about saltwater spin fishing as well, as my dad Andy is a passionate saltwater light tackle spinning guy, and is great on video.

With this first video, I thought I’d start with what I love: false albacore on the fly. This video focuses on recommended gear, as albies will break gear.

Check it out — I hope you like it! Let us know in the comments what you think, and if we should do anything different with our next videos in this series!

Gear Recommendations:

Sage Salt HD 9 Weight

Hatch Finatic 7 or 9+

RIO Coastal Quickshooter XP

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5 thoughts on “Fish School: How to Fly Fish for False Albacore in New England, Gear Edition

  1. Wow! 9 weight and straight 16 seems light for albies. All I ever hear is that you need at least an 11 weight and 25 lb tippet.
    Also, have you ever considered coming to Rhode Island for striped bass fishing? The early season action is awesome in the Narraganset Bay. I also aspire to share New England’s fisheries with the world via the internet and would love to join forces!

    • Sam: While a 9 weight is common, 16 lbs is not. When I said that, I knew someone would comment. I tend to push to lower pound leaders than most with most species, as I prefer how flies move. 20 lbs is much more common — and will almost certainly land more fish. But I do know people who go as light as 12 lbs. Nice site — and thanks for commenting! Best, Ben

      • The site is in it’s infancy–playing the long game with it. I like these new Fish School videos. You have a great on-camera presence and loads of great information I’m sure. Excited to see the next installment!

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