Video: Saltwater Fly Fishing: Massachusetts Bait Balls Summer 2015

On one of my trips this summer, my friend Jared and I ran into huge bait balls — truly, some of the largest I’ve ever seen. Here’s some video from the day, over which we caught stripers, Albies, and blues. It was an awesome day!


Photos: Albies, Stripers, Blues & Bait


The other day I went fishing with my friend Jared off the coast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We were after albies. What we found was an incredible pile of bait. I posted a video about that here. Here’s some photos from the day — and what day it was.


A Visit to Thomas & Thomas: The Comeback of a Trusted American Brand


How do you re-energize a trusted brand? How do you regain marketshare in a market that’s not only crowded, but also highly discerning? These are the very questions American rod manufacturer Thomas and Thomas is facing.