April Fly Fishing in New England: The Waiting Game

If fly fishing is a sport of delayed expectations — the long winter, the thousand casts — then April, the historic start to trout season and often the month when early schoolies arrive, is typically the month of fulfilled expectations. This year, that may not be the case.


Striped Bass in Boston Harbor

striped bass boston harbor fly fishing

In a college course on pre-Socratic philosophy, a teacher summed up one of the teachings of Heraclitus by saying: “Through suffering comes beauty.” Tonight, as I saw the first stripers of my year landed around me, that certainly was the case. The night began promisingly: a good tide, aligning with the end of the work day, and light drizzles throughout the day — conditions which, according to one, had yielded fish in the past at this spot. At lunch, the same friend had walked to the Charles River waterfront and cast a line. The stripers that followed his fly to the shore were all the proof we needed to end speculation: Fish were going to be caught this night.


Striped Bass Still Not in Boston Harbor

Boston harbor striped bass

In case you’re wondering: the striped bass are still not in Boston Harbor. As I wrote in a previous post, this is a hard time for fly fishermen. After a long, cold winter, a few months away from feeling the pull of a fish on a fly line can drive a fly fisherman to do things he knows are futile. And so, today, a few of us struck out to chase stripers in Boston Harbor.