Video: Saltwater Fly Fishing: Massachusetts Bait Balls Summer 2015

On one of my trips this summer, my friend Jared and I ran into huge bait balls — truly, some of the largest I’ve ever seen. Here’s some video from the day, over which we caught stripers, Albies, and blues. It was an awesome day!


New England on the Fly Partners with The Compleat Angler


The boys down at The Compleat Angler, a fishing store and outfitter in Darien, CT, have picked up New England on the Fly, and built out a section of their awesome new website for my content. This means more talking about New England fly fishing, with more people, more of the time.


Book Review: Fly Fishing Northern New England’s Seasons by Lou Zambello


I have heard it commonly said that there are more books written about fly fishing than all other sports combined. Mind you, this is always said by fly fishermen, and often by the literary among them, and so I take it with a heavy grain of salt. And yet there is no shortage of writing about fly fishing.