Review: Thomas & Thomas DNA Spey 13′ 7 Weight


In a world of rapid change, sometimes it’s reassuring to find a reliable constant. And in a world of marketing hype, sometimes it’s reassuring to find something that doesn’t overpromise, but simply delivers. These were my thoughts this summer as I tried out the Thomas & Thomas DNA Spey 13′ 7# on two Atlantic salmon trips to Canada’s Gaspe peninsula.


Hatch Finatic 9 Plus Reel Review: Striped Bass & Atlantic Salmon


In preparing for my trip to the Gaspé Peninsula, I was planning on searching for two types of tail: Atlantic salmon, and striped bass. I needed a reel whose drag system was strong enough to stop a Gaspe salmon, and durable enough to withstand nights in the surf and hours on dirt roads.


Casting Ponds: New England Alternatives?

For many fly fishermen — even those who fish through it — winter is a time when we reconsider our gear and, having fell victim to a series of good sales, we restock for the new season. There are new lines to be cast. New rods to be flexed. The risk of all of this, of course, is that should you not test this gear on the water, instead of upon the excitable waters of your mind, then you could easily find yourself on a riverbank, hours from a store, with very expensive pieces of monofilament and graphite who are about as well-matched as a 12 year old to his first cigar.


New England Spey Clave II Update: Vendors, Demos & Tyers

In my last post about the New England Spey Clave II, I promised more updates when more information became available. Today’s the day when a list of vendors, demos, and fly tyers was released. All told, it looks like it’s going to be a great event. See below, or see my old post on this topic for more.