Early Miramichi Salmon


Recently, friends have gone to the Bahamas, to Boca for tarpon, and to the Miramichi for Atlantic salmon. I’ve been thinking about this last one a lot, as my close friend Ben Moody went salmon fishing for the first time on the Little Southwest Miramichi. This winter, I tied him some flies, and so I was anxious to find out how he had done.


Miramichi Salmon Flies: Four Classic Patterns for a Friend

cosseboom miramichi salmon fly

In sitting with Ben the other night, we talked about the river, and what might work well while he’s there. Being one for tradition, and for history, I suggested he try the classic Miramichi flies. Upon getting home, I was drawn to Ted’s old desk to tie those very patterns — patterns I plan to share with Ben, in hopes that he might catch a salmon on one.


A Look Back at New England Fly Fishing in 2013

new england brook trout

In 2013 I was fortunate to have some great days on the water — including one of my best ever. But all of this was marred by persistent bad news about the continued decline of striped bass (more on that later). What follows is a short summary of some key trends, trips, and events from 2013.


Margaree River: Salmon Fishing on Cape Breton

Margaree Salmon group

This is the Margaree: a beautiful river, with tremendous character. But unlike other salmon rivers, where the water is private and, as a consequence, often eye-wateringly expensive, the Margaree is accessible – at least in price. Getting there is another matter. Situated in a heart of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, trip is an epic one; 12 hours from Boston, according to Google maps. And that’s without pitstops.